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About Us

H2Ok Innovations is an IoT-enabled sensor system and analytics platform providing data-driven optimization of industrial liquid systems for manufacturing. Liquid and water systems are at the heart of industrial manufacturing, but current methods of managing these fluid systems are incredibly inefficient and archaic, relying on manual grab sampling or monolithic sensors. This results in a lack of data and visibility, causing excessive resource and operating costs, and inefficient operations. We are rethinking this approach, with our comprehensive OS system comprised of a network of our capital un-intensive H2Ok Sensors coupled with our ML-based optimization software. Backed by Construct Capital, 2048 Ventures, 1517 Fund, Flybridge Capital, Techstars, and more, we are bringing Industry 4.0. At H2Ok Innovations, we are servicing major customers, including multiple Fortune 500 enterprises, such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Cargill. H2Ok Innovations is based out of Greentown Labs–– one of the top cleantech technical communities in the world.

Why H2Ok Innovations

We are taking the latest innovation in sensing technology, commodifying these network devices in the environment of liquid systems to allow for mass deployment, and uniquely filling in existing critical data gaps of fluid and fluid-adjacent systems. This novel data allows for data-driven decisions, optimizing operations, and reducing resource use. We believe in unlocking previously untapped data for our customers, who comprise society's most fundamental industries, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage with agile operations.

Our Beliefs 

We believe in radical curiosity, thirst for continuous iteration, interdisciplinary innovation, hunger to learn, autonomy, and Give First. Agility and speed are at our core–– there is a high receptiveness to change, and there are no unproductive meetings. We value self-guidance, creativity, and growth. We actively listen; empathy is in our blood–– for our teammates, customers, and naysayers.
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