Collect Real-Time Data of your Water Chemistry, Hassle-Free.

Forecasting contaminant outbreaks in industrial water prior to their appearance is a costly and complicated process.


In the face of the climate crisis, it has become increasingly hard to operate businesses dependent on water. The problem is that contaminated water is hard to detect, and even if it is detected, treatment is reactive.


AquaSensors revolutionizes the nature of the game by enabling you to collect comprehensive water chemical property data continuously in real-time. 

Our low-cost sensors are deployed in a distributed network to collect 24/7 live data on water and environmental properties, such as:

  • Water Temperature

  • pH

  • Pressure

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Conductivity

  • Turbidity

  • Spectral sensor (Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, and other microorganisms)

We have our own proprietary active biofouling prevention method, combining with conventional electronics to cut costs.

This data is then sent to our powerful yet intuitive Neptune software, allowing us to forecast contaminant outbreaks before they actually happen.