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Continuous Real-Time Monitoring of your Water Composition, Hassle-Free.

Contaminant monitoring in industrial water is both a costly and complicated process. Grab samples only provide a snapshot in time and current hardware is expensive and unscalable. 


In the face of the climate crisis, it has become increasingly hard to operate businesses dependent on water. The problem is that contaminated water is hard to detect, and even if it is detected, treatment is reactive.


AquaSensor revolutionizes the nature of the game by enabling you to collect comprehensive water composition and chemical property data continuously in real-time at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Continuous live testing of water composition and color

  • In piping, tank, or buoy format

  • Extremely low cost and small size allow for hundreds to be placed throughout production facility (piping, tanks, towers, CIP systems, etc.)

  • Novel anti-fouling resistance

  • Get live full visibility of product and contaminants entering and leaving each system throughout the facility

  • Example of detection capabilities: fats, oils, greases, metals, changes in color of product or water, etc.

  • Continuous live monitoring of wide range of water chemistry and composition

  • Plug and play, node agnostic structure allows for customized solutions

  • Deploy and forget piping, tank, or buoy format

  • Novel anti-fouling and self cleaning measures reduce maintenance

  • Solar panels and sufficient battery backup for indefinite deployment if needed

  • pH, DO, turbidity, temp, salinity, EC, pressure, COD, water color, spectral measurements, and more


Collected data is then sent to our powerful yet intuitive Neptune software, allowing us to send alerts and treatment recommendations, as well as forecast contaminant upsets before they become a problem.

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