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1 / Microscopy

We designed extremely cost-effective microscopy technology that is attachable to a phone camera in order to magnify samples and adequately examine microcontaminants in our water. 

2 / Image Recognition

With the magnified sample, PhoneScope then uses image recognition technology and machine learning to instantly determine if and what type of microcontaminants are in the water.

3 / Handheld Science

With the PhoneScope, everyday people will have the power to rapidly test and examine their water for microcontaminants. This data is then mapped to better track contamination and enable rapid response.

The PhoneScope In Action

Identify Microscopic Contaminants Instantly.

Current Work

Filamentous Bacteria Detection
Filamentous bacteria cause critical issues like bulking in water treatment, leading to shutdowns, treatment inefficiencies, and expensive remediation processes. With PhoneScope, we are supporting water treatment managers with rapidly diagnosing microbiological issues in their facilities for treatment and prevention.
Cyanobacteria Detection
Cyanobacteria form Harmful Algal Blooms, releasing toxins that are dangerous to environmental and human health. Through PhoneScope, we are enabling businesses, monitors, and communities to rapidly identify for cyanobacteria in water in a scalable and affordable manner.

Real results

Images of Harmful Algal Bacteria taken using PhoneScope
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