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Annie Lu

Co-founder, CEO

Annie studied Economics and Computer Science at Harvard University. She has extensive data science experience, as well as consulting and venture capital. Annie leads business development, strategy, and sales.


David Lu

Co-founder, CTO

David has a BS from Brown University in Chemistry and Computer Science, with extensive lab experience working at Boeing, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Technical University of Munich, and Brown University. He previously worked at Valor Water Analytics. David leads product at H2Ok Innovations.

The H2Ok Innovations team is driven to create a more sustainable world, starting with the globe's most fundamental manufacturing industries to data centers.

Meet our team.

Libby Albanese

Hardware Engineer

Libby is a hardware engineer on the H2Ok team, focusing on electronics and integration. She has a Bachelors of Science from Tufts University in Mechanical Engineering and background in the design and fabrication of robotics and electromechanical systems.


Karin Bloom 

Operations Manager

Karin manages day-to-day Operations for H2OK Innovations, where she refines, creates, and launches impactful business processes, including HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, Community Building & more. Karin previously worked at Harvard Kennedy School and is also a female entrepreneur focused on local agriculture. 

Karin headshot jpg_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tim Dorn

Hardware Engineer

Tim has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University with an emphasis on manufacturing and fabrication. He has experience working in large-scale manufacturing environments and traveling internationally for studies and for work. Tim contributes to hardware design, fabrication and supporting H2OK clients in the field.


Hu Dou

Software Engineer

Hu is responsible for developing embedded, cloud, and machine learning software.
Hu has more than 20 years of experience in software development.


Khaled Karman

Software Engineer

Khaled has more than 25 years of experience building the first E-Government in Yemen, ATMM Banking System, Aderlee web CMS, and Hosting Antivirus. Khaled designs the H2Ok Database, API, Front-end, Trackers, and Watcher. 

khaled_karman - Copy.png

Edward Liu

Software Engineer

Edward studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Cornell University. He has experience in product development, cloud computing platforms, and robotics. He leads software development for the Transmission Gateway, Data Pipelines, Product Security, Device Connectivity, and Industrial Communications.


Joseph Sanchez

Hardware Engineer

Joseph has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University with a background in sensors and finite element analysis. He has experience in aerospace, worked at the Wyss Institute on soft assistive robots for industrial applications, and built fighter jet hydraulic assemblies at a defense contractor. Joseph leads hardware and sensors. 


John Scarry

Strategic Advisor
Global Head of Sales, Digital Infrastructure


Hairuo Sun

IoT Software Engineer

Hairuo has a BS in Computer Engineering from Boston University with a background in IoT development and business. She has experience in robotics with the Boston University Robotics Lab, and research experience in ML for autonomous driving vehicles. Hairuo contributes to IoT gateway projects R&D and data communications at H2OK.

Hairuo Sun Profile Pic.jpeg
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