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2. Secure H2Ok Edge IoT Gateway

H2Ok sensor data and other on-prem sensors you have in your facility are connected to our edge transmission gateway deployed in your facility. We then use this gateway to interface with local control systems and also bring the real time data online. 

Network of sensors + Flexible AI-powered backend

1. IoT: fill in the critical data gaps with H2Ok commodity sensors

We're leveraging a proprietary form of optical sensing + machine learning, allowing for unparalleled scaleability of capital un-intensive and versatile sensors. Through our tech, our hardware can be applied to diverse use cases, measurement parameters, and mediums of liquid with minimal hardware changes. From measuring fats, oils, and grease, to color for QA/QC, to CIP system optimization, we can help. Mass deploy our network of sensors within pipes, tanks, equipment, or in your liquid system and receive comprehensive real-time data by the second. Gain the visibility into your industrial liquid and liquid-adjacent systems like you've never had before. Our sensors give you live visibility on changes in liquid quality and performance throughout the process line. 

A comprehensive operating system for your facility. Here's how it works. 

3. Close the loop: leverage data-driven decisions with Neptune software

Machine Learning based optimization engine: an API + suite of software packages for proactive data-driven optimization of your industrial liquid and liquid-adjacent systems. With Neptune, we give you the information and tools to become agile and data-driven, cutting resource & operating costs, downtime, as well as improving operational efficiency to drive revenue. This is Industry 4.0.

Our IoT suite is modular, meaning you can configure the entire platform or combinations of components within the system to best meet your needs.

Interested in trying it out?

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