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Implementation. Simplified.

Our 4-phase implementation process ensures a smooth transition to Industry 4.0.


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Hardware Shipment

Based on your requirements, we will ship the hardware to you. Some industrial tools may need to be purchased separately if we or our partners do not have them in stock.

Gateways Galore


Your team or ours can install the hardware and software. We will provide an instruction guide and ensure a smooth process, either way.

Installing a sensor in a water pipe


Add network configuration

Our devices need to be connected to your network. We will work with your IT team to provide the necessary configuration settings.

Tuning a sensor

Connect with PLC

Our ML models perform optimally when connected to your PLC system. We currently support multiple PLC systems including Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and Mitsubishi.

Invite your Team to Insights

With adjustable roles, your team can start monitoring the system as soon as the network and PLC are connected.

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From past experience with our customers, we have often seen that this integration processes often surface pre-existing issues that were overlooked. We can assist you in debugging some of these issues. We love tapping into previously untapped data!

Monitoring page on Insights


Let models learn

No involvement needed. Our models will continuously learn from your unique data collection - every ML model we deploy is tailored to the specifics of that environment.

Waiting for new data ...

231834 new datapoints received ...

Indentifying liquids ... detected 3 fingerprints

Fingerprinting liquid A ... (2/12 completed)

Fingerprinting liquid A ... (12/12 completed)

Fingerprinting liquid B ... (4/4 completed)

Fingerprinting liquid C ... (9/9 completed)

Completed fingerprinting!

Monitor projected savings on Insights

As our models learn, it will start identifying opportunities for savings. These insights will be available on the Insights dashboard.

Gateways Galore

Validate ML recommendations

After a period of time, the models will start recommending & taking actions to improve efficiency. You can validate that these recommendations do not have any negative impact on your operations. Most of our customers see a 10-20% improvement in efficiency.

Running validations...PASSTank 02 ... (12.21% improvement)PASSTank 16 ... (7.21% improvement)PASSGram Filler ... (32.21% improvement)PASSCondense Tank ... (25.3% improvement)PASSCream Tank ... (47.01% improvement)PASSTank 11 ... (41.2% improvement)


Turn on automation

Once the ML results have been validated, you can turn on precision automation & start automatically saving time and money.

Screenshot of Insights showing actual savings

Future updates

A change in your environment? Our models can adapt to new conditions and learn from new data. If more granular control is needed, individual parameters can be tuned.

$ h2ok model --update -m "Update safety param"

Building model ...

Deploying model ...

✅ Deployed successfully!

Insights Dashboard

KPIs, savings, alerts, and more. The Insights dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your operations.

Screenshot of the Insights dashboard

Sustainability & revenue targets? ✅

With sustainability automated, targets will be met automatically.

Sustainability Report

In Q2, we were able to reduce our CO2 emmissions by 12.34%. Thanks to H2Ok Innovations' automation, we were able to meet our sustainability targets for reduced water usage midway through the quarter.

We also were able to ...

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