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Empowering Industries

We can supercharge any industry with our technology.

  • Food & Beverage

  • Bottling

  • Data Centers

  • Beauty & Wellness

  • Industrial Chemical

  • Paints

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Flavor & Fragrance

  • Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries

  • Semiconductor

AI-driven efficiency in any industry

Our technology is modular and fits the needs of any environment. Daily, we refine protocols in CIP/COP, streamline line flushing and changeovers, minimize wastewater treatment, and much more.


H2Ok is deployed in the world's largest canning company, and we've learned a lot about the inefficiencies of canning and bottling. Here's a few ways we can help:

  • Aluminum can, case, and bottle washing processes.

    Integrating seamlessly into varnish spraying lines increases uptime and decreases water consumption significantly.Bottles on a conveyor belt

    H2Ok can help optimize processes on a filling line

  • Impact on the local community.

    Our optimization strategies enable facilities to recirculate water efficiently, reducing dependency on local water basins.
  • Cleaning and Sanitization.

    H2Ok drastically improves and automates cleaning and sanitization processes with precision automation to prove that the quality is safe, eliminating the risk of contaminants or impurities.

Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries

Not only do we have a few home brewers on our team, but we are really optimizing the brewing, winery, and distillery industries! Here's how:

  • QA/QC. NP.

    We offer real-time QA/QC solutions tailored to fermentation optimization, color and haze monitoring, and foaming control.Image of a brewery vat

    H2Ok's tech is perfect for optimizing processes at a brewery

  • Cheers to keeping it clean.

    Our technology optimizes CIP processes and reduces water consumption in a water-intensive production process.
  • Let's toast to those flavors.

    Identify flavor concentration levels for liquors, ensuring consistent quality and operational efficiency.
  • Recirculating valuable runoff water.

    We're helping one winery recirculate their runoff water to a waste pond and provide real-time data about the pH levels to deem it safe for watering their crops.

Data Centers

We operate in hundreds of data centers globally. We understand that hyperscale data centers contain thousands of decentralized on-prem sensors, many with different proprietary communication protocols and integration needs. Many sensors are on-prem, making real-time data inaccessible.

  • Bringing sensors online securely.

    H2Ok Innovations' secure IoT Gateway agnostically connects and aggregates non-standardized sensors (water, power, temp, etc.) to a dynamically configurable destination the customer sets, bringing sensors online in real-time while meeting strict security requirements. We will help you discover your data, from temperature, humidity, airflow/pressure, and air quality to refrigerant flow pressure, temperature, and energy usage.
  • Flexibility.

    Our solution seamlessly brings data to your Building Management System (BMS) or the enterprise's internal cloud. This allows for centralized monitoring and control, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Reliable operational efficiency.

    HVAC/CRAC cooling and power are crucial for data center operations. Our solutions, designed to optimize these systems, as well as telemetry, in data centers, provide a reliable boost to operational efficiency and a significant reduction in energy consumption. This instills the confidence that your data center is operating at its peak performance.
  • Cooling System Optimization Model.

    When water and coolants are circulated to draw heat from data centers to ensure stable operations, contaminants build up in water towers and the water circulates within the facility as time passes. H2Ok Innovations' Cooling System identifies and analyzes the the buildup of contamination generates insight into treatment optimization, blowdown, and water addition optimization to improve cooling efficiency and PUE.

Food & Bev

In the Food & Beverage industry, maintaining stringent quality standards while maximizing efficiency is paramount. Here's how H2Ok tackles key challenges in this sector:

  • Underwashing and Overwashing Mitigation.

    Balancing the delicate act of thorough cleaning without wasting resources is crucial. H2Ok's intelligent monitoring system detects and mitigates underwashing incidents while preventing chronic overwashing, ensuring hygiene standards are met without unnecessary water and energy expenditure.Screenshot of underwashes on Insights

    H2Ok Insights showing underwashes

  • Real-time Quality Assurance.

    Ensuring product quality is a constant concern. With H2Ok, real-time quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) information are at your fingertips, providing immediate insights into product integrity throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Seamless Product Changeover.

    Switching between product formulations can be a logistical headache. H2Ok identifies product changeover transitions swiftly, streamlining the process and minimizing downtime, so you can maintain productivity without sacrificing quality.
  • Precise Chemical Management.

    Maintaining the right chemical composition is critical for product consistency and safety. H2Ok monitors chemical dosing in real-time, preventing over or under-dosing scenarios that could compromise product quality or pose risks to consumers.
  • Optimal Product Characteristics.

    Liquid products' color and haze are indicative of their quality and safety. H2Ok's real-time monitoring ensures these characteristics meet optimal standards, safeguarding your brand's reputation and consumer trust.Ice-cream factory

    H2Ok can help ensure optimal product quality with real-time observability

  • Energy-efficient Emulsification.

    Emulsification processes are notorious for their energy consumption and carbon footprint. H2Ok optimizes these processes, reducing energy usage and carbon emissions without compromising product quality or consistency.
  • Wastewater Management.

    Fats, oils, and grease in wastewater pose environmental challenges. H2Ok identifies and manages these elements, facilitating responsible wastewater treatment and minimizing the environmental impact of your operations.

Health, Beauty & Wellness

This industry relies on a lot of stringent QA/QC standards. H2Ok meets and exceeds those protocols by facing quality inefficiencies head-on.

  • Addressing multiple changeover processes.

    In a Multi-SKU environment, it's imperative to have efficient changeover processes. We partner with one of the world's largest global brands in this space to optimize cleaning, startup, and blending operations and reduce product loss.
  • Beautiful real-time data.

    Our proprietary sensors deliver data in real-time to your dashboard and plant control systems to optimize production of high-quality skincare, makeup, haircare, and hygiene products.


The Paint Industry introduces a complex and unique production environment. We're working with multiple paint manufacturers to help with the following:

  • Color and concentration QA/QC.

    Our technology identifies different color types and paint concentration levels, providing invaluable insights for product quality assurance and QC.
  • Superior Quality throughout the production process.

    We validate the technical efficacy of cleaning-in-place (CIP) processes, monitor viscosity, turbidity, and fouling, ensuring superior quality control.
  • Monitoring Viscosity, Turbidity, and Fouling.

    Viscosity, turbidity, and fouling are key indicators of paint quality and performance. H2Ok continuously monitors these parameters, enabling superior quality control and ensuring that paints meet stringent standards from production to application, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Personal & Home Care

Several manufacturing processes can be inefficient in the Personal & Home Care industry, leading to increased costs and decreased productivity. Some of these inefficient processes that H2Ok helps with include:

  • Changeover Processes.

    Transitioning between different product formulations or packaging formats often requires significant downtime and resources. However, with H2Ok, these processes are not just managed, but optimized. This reassures you of fewer production interruptions and decreased waste.
  • Cleaning Operations.

    Cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures are crucial for maintaining hygiene standards and preventing cross-contamination in manufacturing equipment. We implement precision automation for cleaning operations, which leads to reductions in water, energy, and cleaning agents and extended downtime.
  • Product Loss.

    Product loss during manufacturing, such as spillage, leakage, or improper filling, can significantly impact production efficiency and profitability. Our AI IoT recognizes these occurrences sooner and smooths out handling and transfer processes to reduce product loss.