H2Ok sensor

AI & IoT Precision Automation

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Spectral Sensors

Capture unprecedented visibility into fluid chemistry.

Edge Gateway

Hub on the shop floor pulling in sensor data.

Custom ML Models

Deployed on the Edge Gateway to process sensor data and drive optimized operations.

Insights Dashboard

Track KPIs and savings, digitalize SOPs, and identify areas of inefficiencies.

  • Gateway in action
  • Spectral Sensor in action
  • Another Spectral Sensor in action
  • Yet another Spectral Sensor in action
  • Spectral Sensor

H2Ok's patented full-stack system automates data-driven decisions.

Closed-loop automation driving efficient operations. Utilize a network of versatile and scalable proprietary spectral sensors, ML edge compute models, and process insights software.

Water Saved
Time Saved
Energy Saved
Product Loss
Tank 12
12:01 - 12:37pm
316 gal
6.7 min
12.2 kWh
45 lb
Line 3
12:43 - 1:45pm
1h 2m
456 gal
23.2 min
7.8 kWh
67 lb
Line 7
2:02 - 3:01pm
1095 gal
38.1 min
21.2 kWh
98 lb
Line 10
6:27 - 7:20pm
2318 gal
46.8 min
20.3 kWh
4 lb
Line 7
6:59 - 7:12pm
102 gal
5.3 min
2.3 kWh
1 lb
Tank 23
9:01 - 10:12pm
1h 11m
3318 gal
39.1 min
29.2 kWh
102 lb
H2Ok Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway and ML Models.

AI Hub on the shop floor pulling in sensor data and enabling ML.

Custom ML Models
  • Backend machine learning model dynamically converts spectral data into actionable information
  • Replaces static time based/grab sample based processes into dynamically optimized real time processes based on data
  • Infinitely programmable for any data points
ConnectEasily integrate with on-prem plant control system (PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA, etc.)
H2Ok Spectroscopy Sensors

Spectral Sensors.

Captures a spectral fingerprint of any material and continuously sends spectral data within parameters of interest to the Machine Learning Edge Gateway

Molecular analysisDetermine the exact composition & concentration of what's in your pipes.
ContactlessSee into your equipment without making any contact with the fluid.
What is Spectroscopy?
H2Ok Insights Dashboard


Cloud process insights + optimization software.

DashboardTools to visualize sensor data and monitor live data for deeper data analysis.
SummaryComputationally selected segments of time-series data from the sensor to identify and track key processes at a facility.
Overview Macro-level information about liquid usage and savings for each facility (think KPIs for industrial plants).