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Driven to create a more efficient world, starting from our most fundamental sectors.

Annie Lu

Co-founder, CEO

Annie studied Economics and Computer Science at Harvard University. She has extensive data science experience, as well as consulting and venture capital. Annie leads business development, strategy, and sales.


David Lu

Co-founder, CTO

David has a BS from Brown University in Chemistry and Computer Science, with extensive lab experience working at Boeing, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Technical University of Munich, and Brown University. He previously worked at Valor Water Analytics. David leads product at H2Ok Innovations.

Joseph Sanchez

Lead Hardware Engineer

Joseph has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University with a background in sensors and finite element analysis. He has experience in aerospace, worked at the Wyss Institute on soft assistive robots for industrial applications, and built fighter jet hydraulic assemblies at a defense contractor. Joseph leads hardware and sensors.

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